Associated Press Wins Multiple Pulitzer Prizes

Sony-shooting agency sweeps the photography category

The Associated Press won the Pulitzer Prize in both the breaking news and feature photography categories this year, for groundbreaking work during an unprecedented year.

In the Breaking News category, the AP won for its coverage of social justice protests in the United States in the aftermath of the death of a George Floyd. Ten AP staff and freelance photographers share the honor.

In the Feature Photography category the Pulitzer goes to Spain's Emilio Mornatti, Editorial Manager and Chief Photographer for The Associated Press in Spain and Portugal. Morenatti's months-long project documented the heavy toll the COVID-19 pandemic took on Spain's elderly population.

Here is additional Coverage on the prizes. (No photo reproduction without permission of the AP.)

Feature Photography

Emilio Morenatti, who covered the impact of the COVID epidemic in Spain produced an especially profound body of work. His images are haunting, and beautiful. In order to capture the pandemic without risking the health of his wife and two young children, he sequestered himself in a "dirty" portion of their apartment for months, avoiding contact with them, and then operating in the field, he says, in much the same way as he does in conflict zones. ​ 


Morenatti's Instagram account can be found here and his Twitter account here.

The Associated Press featured his work in this article. (No photo reproduction without the permission of the AP.)

Morenatti details the process of creating these images in his blog post on the Associated Press website, where he also talks about the Sony a9 II, and how it allowed him to capture his images without becoming obtrusive to his subjects. 

The image of mortuary workers collecting the body of COVID-19 victim next to a sleeping resident who was unaware of what was occurring in the bed across from them had a big impact on public opinion in Spain. No publication had achieved such access before. The pictures I made became the first that showed COVID-19 deaths in the elderly homes where the pandemic had hit the hardest, preying on those most vulnerable. The unassuming presence of the Alpha a9ii – a mirrorless camera makes no noise -- was crucial to working in these delicate situations.

Here is the AP's statement about the awards, and the value of excellent photojournalists. 

“The outstanding work of the AP photography staff in covering racial justice protests and Emilio Morenatti’s compassionate, yearlong look at the impact of COVID-19 on the elderly in Spain are two shining examples of what photojournalists strive to do everywhere: use light and shadow to bring knowledge and understanding to all corners of the globe,” said J. David Ake, AP assistant managing editor and director of photography.

Breaking News

The Associated Press also celebrates the Pulitzer Prize wins in the Breaking News category with staff photographers Marcio J. Sanchez, Julio Cortez, Frank Franklin II, David Goldman, John Minchillo, Marcio Sanchez, Mike Stewart, Evan Vucci, and freelancers Noah Berger and Ringo H.W. Chiu.

Julio Cortez's image of a Minneapolis protester carrying an upside-down American flag pas the burning remains of a liquor store has been seen countless times this last year, and has been on the cover of numerous papers.

The AP's coverage of the Breaking News Pulitzer Prize is here, which includes the winning images. (No photo reproduction without permission of the AP.)



The Associated Press also had two Pulizter finalists in the Investigative Reporting category and one more in the Breaking News category.


Image Gallery

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